Outline and plunge alignment

I have things working decent and am wondering about 2 things:

  1. There is an outline to the cuts. the 1st pass seems to have a wider path than subsequent passes. I’m not sure where to start on this. I validated my 1/4 inch bit is set in the gcode generation…

  2. The plunge location is pretty obvious. not sure why it doesnt conform within the outline of the path.

Going clockwise in a new blank area will pull the bit slightly outward due to the bit rotation direction.
Going counterclockwise in a new blank area will pull the bit slightly inward for the same reasons.

The second pass on the same path has no (or less) facing material and more side material, so the router suffers less deviation.

You could go counterclockwise one step at a time down to the pocket depth, then make one clean-up pass clockwise at pocket depth.

Are you using a flat end mill or a ball nose? If that scalloping is from a flat end mill your router is tilting.

Just a FYI

Thank you

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