Router Power/Weight - UK based

Have just ordered the Maslow CNC Mk2 and should be arriving Wednesday, not bad for a 5 day delivery to the UK.

I own 4 routers ranging from 710w to 1400w. The 1400w is basically fixed to my router table so would not rather use it as would be a pain having to swap them over. Have an 850w Trend router but she’s getting old now.

What I’d like to know is would a 710w palm router be suitable to use? I’m an experienced joiner and run my own company so understand all about routers. Advice I need is, will a palm router be heavy enough to keep everything flat to the surface at the angle the frame needs to be built to, or is the weight of the bricks on the sled ok for this?

there is a target weight for the sled. Smaller router, more weight, or the opposite if larger router. You can make it work if you have the right clamp for the router diameter to hold it in place.