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See raw motor encoder positions?

Is it possible to see the raw motor position coordinates in Ground Control (or maybe Web Control), perhaps through a debug or develop mode? I have an idea I want to look into for mapping the raw encoder values onto locations on the surface, but I’d first need to be able to see those values.

unfortunantly the firmware converts everything to mm and doesn’t expose the
encoder info.

I’ve been thinking that with the issues we have to deal with on the chains
(stretch/sag) that we should expose the raw position, but haven’t gotten around
to doing so.

there also need to be B commands to move based on the encoder position, not
chain length (again, because chain length is modified by sag/stretch)

David Lang

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You can read the “position” with B10L / B10R… that gives you “mm of length” for each chain (but I don’t know how “compensated” that is (it’s how the “measure distance between sprockets” works).


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I believe that has the sag/stretch factors applied to it.

sometimes you really do want actual encoder info

David Lang