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Setting up Mazlow on Linux

After 12 months of chemo and going from being terminal to being cancer free (minus few organs) I am back.

My Mazlow has been unassembled in storage for all that time. I will be using my linux laptop.

I lost much of what I learned about the machine due to chemo.

Could you give me some pointers about downloading and setting up software on Linux Mint system? I do not have any of my usb’s that came with the Machine originally.

Thanks I am wanting to cut 30 curved beams from plywood and laminate them.


use webcontrol, most people install it on a Pi and then just access it via a
browser, but you can run it on a linux laptop as well.

David Lang

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Congrats on ringing the bell, by the way. :slight_smile:

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Did you do that as well?

Can it run offline?

with webcontol, if you run it on your linux laptop you don’t need any network.
If you run it on a Pi, you need a network between your browser and the Pi.

But there is no need for Internet connectivity.

David Lang

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I’ve never had Cancer. My mother has gone through chemo a few times (we still have her in this world). I’ve lived with seeing quite a few family members pass from the big C. It always makes me happy to know that others have gotten to ring the bell on their way out.

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Well I am very hopefulI can return to work. The chemo side effects sometimes leave and sometimes are for life. If I can get the cnc up and going it would greatly reduce my physical labor needs.