Sketchup tutorial

I had a few moments of deep thinking to figure out how to post this.

On the very famous filesharing site that hosts torrents. (not mentioning the name to avoid this post from being found by search engine spiders)

On that site, i found an issue of Fine Woodworking, that covered Google sketchup. Eventhough I don’t really like Sketchup, I must say that this tutorial is a VERY nice one.

If you download this and actually use it then I really would recommend to buy a recent issue of Fine Woodworking magazine as a kind of compensation for their fine work. And also give that torrent site a bitcoin cent or two for making it available as in RIGHT NOW.

That PDF looks like a must have for everyone who works with sketchup. (not just woodworkers)

And a BIG BIG thank you to the person who took the time and effort to upload it.

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There’s a Fine Woodworking DVD and eBook available on Amazon, although with a publication date of 2012 they might belong in the discount bin and be far behind the current Trimble version.

Not knocking the discount bin. In the barely pre-Internet days before Jeff Bezos was an art (or is that rocket?) connoisseur I specialized for a while in abandoned systems, and the B. Dalton bargain bin was a lifesaver. Picked up quite a few Pick books that way.


that is great