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Sled change to avoid fires


Question Cbolt, did you ever sand the inside of your router body?


Sure did after using for a while both router and body had slight grooves worn into them. I sanded them down smooth to prevent possible binding.


Interesting, I was trying see if I could find some correlation. I have had no more issues with binding or popping out after I sanded the body with 600 grit and started using graphite dry lube. The only other difference I can identify is the router β€œhat” that I use, I feel distributes the pressure more evenly. But my feeling maybe nothing more than that.


Thx @Cbolt360 for providing valuable info on drilling, responses to follow up questions, and pics of nice signs. The pocket cuts in 1st & 2nd pics look nicely even in depth. Great work. I will certainly try this fix if/when the z-axis pops out again.