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The Anglerfish (may contain minor welding)


I know, I know - this is mostly a CNC woodworking centered forum.:blush:
In case any one of you would still like to watch me do some strictly non-CNC metalworking, please by my guest:


For anyone who doesn’t recognize the name, here’s a picture of the beastie, courtesy of Wikipedia. A nice bioluminescent friendly-looking light attached to some nasty teeth.


Love the Video!! thank you for sharing !



Thank you @jwolter for sharing the picture!
So , yes, the animal is very real. I exaggerated a bit on the teeth but the design is taken from there.


Cool! Nice looking shop!

You might want to turn down the music volume, first thing I has to do was jump on the volume control. Plus, while sped up video makes it harder lots of us would rather listen to actual machine and welding sounds than unrelated music tracks


Good thing those are very deep sea fish. Hate to meet one in the swamp while avoiding the far north pirana flocks


This would make a great mailbox holder. If you could make the jaws movable and powered it would really keep your mail delivery person on their toes.


@mooselake Thanks a lot! :grin:
I was not aware of the volume being too high, thanks for the input. Regarding the machine sounds - I also prefer to keep them in (I usually do) but at 60x speed the editing software had real trouble keeping up… Had to condense dozens of hours of video into a 4 min clip, already omitting less important parts. It’s tricky, for me at least… :slight_smile:



I feel like @hannah would like this gif :grin: