Triangular calibration 500 error

Hi there,

When I attempt to input my triangular calibration cut values I get an internal server error 500.

Then it is followed by the message “Message: The machine was not able to be calibrated. Please ensure the work area dimensions are correct and try again.”

WebControl v0.94
RaspberryPi 3b
Arduino Mega (OG MakerMade controllers)
Stock Firmware v1.26
MetalMaslow Sled with Z upgrade and Rigid Router

Distance Between Cuts 1 and 2
Distance Between Cuts 3 and 4
Distance Between Top of Work Area and Cut 5
Router Bit Diameter

Sled Weight
123.99 N



Hi all, I’m still stuck on this problem and could use some assistance.

reverify your y offset (center of motor to top of work piece: