Trouble calibrating

This system was purchased used and donated to our organization
Windows 10
Arduino Mega
I think I’m running the original 2 chip - how do I verify?
Firmware 1.26
WebControl 1.26
Frame is finished. Will probably build an upgraded frame in the future.
Z motor installed. It’s a screw drive on a plunge router.
Triangular kit

Here’s what’s happens / doesn’t happen.
Connected up the system
Attempted to run through the calibration
When I reach the “orient gear” screen, none of the adjustment buttons work as expected. Left and right motors do not move. Receive a variety of error messages. Mainly “Sled not keeping up”. This led me to read articles related to this message.

Action → Test Motors appears to work properly. When selected, it runs the left motor down, then up; it runs the right motor down, then up; it runs the z motor down, then up. Tests pass.

Everything else I try seems to throw errors.

Thanks in advance for assistance.

I think I’ve solved it. Wiped EEPROM; Wiped controller settings; reflashed the firmware. Seems to be working ok now.