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UK Based Maslow CNC Builds

Hi Denis, I’m just up the road near Parkgate. I’ve been using the AEG MF 1400 KE which is not so easy to get here anymore and was around £320 when i got it. So just for kicks i’ve just bought a much cheaper £44 Vonhaus router to have a go at working with it. Do you have any routers in mind? Do you have plans for a z-axis modification?

Im right opposite you across the m1 on carngraney rd.

I have a ridgid/aeg coming. Got on ebay for 50.

Have z all set up and ready to go



Hi dru, could we come and visit you, we are thinking about investing in the maslow but would like to see it in action, we are based in Inverclyde, a mens shed setup.

Ive moved premises and have dismantled the maslow , now out sourcing the cnc cuts
Looking to set it back up once i move house in October in my garage before Xmass
But I could set it in my shed to give you a demo

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Ps Welcome to the Forum

Cheers Drew, happy to wait until you’ve got stuff setup at the new house / garage, we’re down in Greenock but can pop up anytime to see you.

Ill keep you guys updated

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Can I ask, where can I buy a Maslow machine in the UK? Or if I buy from the states how much duty do you have to pay on import?


I can’t answer your question directly, but you might connect to some of the users who posted on the UK Based Maslow CNC Builds thread.

Hi Hugh,

I’m really interested in buying this kit.

I notice your based in Cornwall, would you be up for showing me your CNC in action sometime?

I build speakers in my spare time, so thinking of using it to cut out circles and rectangles for speaker components and possibly the speaker box cuts if it’s possible!


Hi Tom ,

Sure,. My workshop is in central Truro,. But I’m only around on Saturdays and Sunday mornings . Direct email is Hugh cheers Hugh

Hi Hugh,

Apologies I hadn’t seen your message sooner. For some reason my email put it in to spam.

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’m just about ready to pull the trigger on buying the kit but I have reservations about my use for it. I make large speakers which require a lot of cutting large circles for speakers to sit in and breaking down 8x4 sheets of plywood. I’m hoping this could save me a lot of time in cutting by hand.

If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to pop down one weekend soon.


Hey James,

Got your email from the Maslow CNC Forum.

I built my machine a few months ago but am having issues trying to generate the G code using Fusion 360.

Would use Makercam but cant get my files converted properly to .sgv.

Just wondering how you do it and if you might be able to help?


Hi, new user to the maslow system.
Based in the north of england. Managed first cuts today of the maslow logo. Have to say am impressed with the machine.

I was looking for advice on sourcing router bits in the UK. Which do you guys use and where can they be sourced please? I was looking at getting them from the makermadecnc site but seems unsustainable to keep shipping them from the states. Would like a source closer to home!

Maslow logo cut|375x500


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While you are looking for UK based Maslows, say hello to the one in Bern, Switzerland. The countries of both of us belong to the old world and they struggles with Europe. :wink:

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has anyone got a BOM with suppliers specific to the uk ?

id love to make my own Maslow but im not sure id get the materials correct


A list of the parts included in the kit when I was selling them is available here:

The sources aren’t UK specific, but most of the hardware is metric so it should be easier to find there. Let me know if you have a hard time sourcing anything, I can probably point you in the right direction.

ok excellent thank you

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I’m looking for a decent uk source for router bits. Unsure which type to choose as well, up, down, straight cut, compression etc.
Have been using a screwfix straight cut with decent results but have read that up cut are better for maslow applications?

Many thanks


I use ebay to get my bits, the exact ones that I bought last are not being sold anymore but this link should show you plenty of options

Do straight cut bits not give you bother as they lower into the piece?