Un-opened kit with Z axis - make offer (sold)

Make offer. Unopened. Z axis.

Where are you located?

Carlsbad New Mexico (zip code 88220 if you are looking at shipping costs).

I was hopping for driving distance. I’m in Los Angeles.

It’s a pretty good drive from LA to Carlsbad NM! I have a co-worker who drives from here to San Diego a couple of times a month for 3 day weekends….I don’t know how he does it. We went to the Rose Bowl in January and only drove to Phoenix and flew to LA and it was pretty tough. Lot of “nothing” between El Paso and Tucson and again from Phoenix to So Cal….

I think shipping would be about $30 or so using USPS or UPS Ground. I am pretty certain that it was about $28 when I bought it and they (Maslow) shipped it UPS ground.

Bobby J Hunt
575-200-6296 (Cell)

I’ll try to give you a call later today.

Thank you

Roger that! 575 – 200 - 6296

Bobby J Hunt
QA Senior Technical Specialist
CBFO Technical Assistance Contractor – North Wind - Portage, Inc.
Contractor to the Department of Energy
4021 National Parks Hwy
Carlsbad, NM 88220
575-234-7438 (SWB)
575-234-8032 (WIPP Site)
575-200-6296 (Cell)


It was good talking with you. I’m going step back for now. If anyone else is interested please PM Bobby.

Thank you

Have you sold it yet?

Kit is no longer available.