Using the Simulation to correct accuracy?

I have tinkered with the Simulation to show in red almost exactly what my system is actually cutting. It’s the chain skip values. Is there a way for me to use this information to correct the alignment?

If you had a chain skip, you need to reset the chains. Go to Actions->Set Chain Length - Automatic. It will take you through the process of getting the chains back to where they need to be.


I haven’t had one, but the simulation adjustment of those values mirrors what’s happening

that means that the chains are longer than the machine thinks they are, and/or
the motors are closer than the machine thinks they are (both errors produce
similar distortions)

so measure between the motors with a tape measure, and compare that measurement
with what the system is producing (and measure sitting still and with the chain
under tension between them).

odds are good that you chain is actually a little longer per link than it’s
supposed to be.

David Lang