Waking up Maslow from hibernation

Hi all.

I just booked up my Maslow from a few months of downtime.

Got all sorts of “The sled isn’t keeping up!” errors, so I cleaned out the motor transmissions and got everything spinning freely again.

My next planned steps are

  • Clean and relube the chains
  • Reset sprockets to vertical.
  • Count out 100 links
  • Hook up the sled
  • Profit?

Have I missed any steps? Anything else I should do while I’ve got it taken apart?

If you have a z-axis you may want to prepare the system for the automatic zeroing function
Very awesome functionality for any tool changes and resetting the zero.

I have the stock Z-axis. What is necessary to prepare for auto zeroing the Z-axis?

You need to attach two wires to the control board and be able to feed them out to the router.
You need a thin board with a conductive surface ( I am using a wooden board with a HVAV aluminum tape strip on it)
I also use a clothes pin and a magnet to attach the wire to a flap of the tape and the router, respectively.
I can get you more details and pictures but am at work right now.

This is an easy to implement excellent addition.

I am sure there was a description in this forum somewhere as well.

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While I’m thinking of it…

Hey @bar any idea what the grease is inside the gearboxes? It looks like some graphite concoction, but I’m not sure on the specifics. The next time I have to open these things up I’ll probably want to fully clean them out and regrease them.

Please check this link out. This is the tutorial on automating the z-axis zeroing

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I think it might be a silicon based grease, but I really don’t know for certain. Topping it up is probably a good call

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Huh. I was hoping the gray tint to the grease was from graphite and not wear on the gears.

Next time I open them up, I’ll stick 'em in the ultrasonic cleaner and regrease the whole deal. I think it was a tiny bit of grit that was gunking up that first worm drive gear.

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