Where is the packing list?

I have recieved my Maslow CNC box with z-drive. I also received the email saying to check to make sure everything that should be in the box is there. There is a pretty page with lots of pictures of the things in the box, which is not a good way to verify what should be in the box is there.

Are there packing lists for what should be with the Maslow and the z-drive?


There should be a paper packing list included in the box, did you not receive a paper list of all of the parts? If it is missing I am sorry for the trouble and I can send you a digital copy right away

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Here is the PDF of the paper in the box if you or anyone else need it:

Box Doc.pdf (145.8 KB)

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I found it. I must have overlooked it from the angle I unpacked the box at the table. I appreciate you posting a copy of it here as well!