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Where to buy a Maslow CNC kit?

Can anyone advise where I can buy one of these Maslow CNC kits. I live in Europe, thanks for any advice

I try to stay out of promoting one seller over another, but you can find all the options here:

I wish you guys would consider taking down a seller (you know who I’m talking about) with multiple issues with one particular vendor. It does not do this community any good.

Despite calling it “original, improved, classic, M1 or M2” the fact is the only difference between them is just $80 worth of aluminum extrusion called z-axis.
All kits will cut at the same speed 31 Ipm with a max precision of .5mm regardless of what calibration you did.

Here is an interesting post

just my 2cents

As far as I know there is nobody making kits in Europe, you would have to order
it from the US.

David Lang

Interesting post. I really don’t think it is even $80 of extruded aluminum… and don’t forget the 32 bit processor upcharge.

I think the M2 is a good example of the power of effective marketing. Make a nice video with some music showing a working system, share the highlights then sell a kit, shove the user to the community for help and move to the next one. I don’t really have anything bad to say about their kits. They act like they are in business and charge accordingly. Not including the frame as a cost makes the system look much much cheaper than it really is.

I too was clueless noob about their open source model when I got my jumpstart kit and had to figure out how to make it work because the instructions were woefully inadequate. It is shocking when you buy this product and realize you got a pile of parts and you are on your own for assembling it. Because of that initial traumatic experience, I have spent a great deal of time over the last year trying to document these finer details and pay back the community for the help I received from a very non-judgemental and helpful community that is the maslowcnc forum.

Thanks guys/gals for all the help!

Some new users opt for an immediate refund, others break stuff, and still others learn and ton and love it. It will be interesting where it goes in the next year or so. Clearly it isn’t for everyone, but with a little thought and time, it can be tamed and work well regardless of which kit gets purchased. I have yet to hear of customers who had broken or nonfunctional parts that were unable to get them replaced by the kit seller.