Who here uses Slack?

  • I use Slack
  • I have used Slack but don’t right now

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the missing choice… I don’t use Slack

How about, “what in heaven’s name is Slack?”


I’m only collecting a list of users who do. 3rd choice is assumed. If not enough users then I will abandon any Idea of using it. But Thank you for the input.

sorry, was meant to be funny, but fell flat :confused:

my bad - in massive overload of learning multiple flavors of Linux. It’s me not you :slight_smile:

Thank you

I don’t use slack, but there’s a cost per user. I’ve tried out ryver (pronounced river) and it works well as a slack alternative (and free). From what I can tell, you have to send invites to people to join. It has message topics, chat, phone app and notifications.

I use slack for multiple groups on the free tier for about 3 years - slack starts charging or limiting access at 1000 users. I think it’s fair to say if 1000 people login and actively use it your doing business. I probably have 40 users through out but only 5 at a time are in.

Thank you

hmmm… I guess your right… maybe when I looked at it I was turned off by the 5 GB limit.

You forgot “What the heck is slack” and “I use whatever Cowboy Neal uses”