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Why I need Maslow - skiff and SUP



I live on the beautiful lake which I want to row in my own boat ;-))

I was inspired by this:

and this:

I needed fabrication method and I founded it here:

First task was to design hull. Using Delft software I developed hull for my weight and hight;;
and using Fusion360 I designed outrigger;

and hull profiles;

At this point Maslow is brilliant!!!

Using hull profiles as patterns, styrofoam and home made hot wire cutter, I’ve cut slices of my hull;

and glue them together;

Now it is time for Maslow to shine - cutting outrigger. (I used up every piece of my marine grade plywood - hence this funny mosaic on Maslow ;-))

It turned up pretty good.

and final form:

Now back to hull - endless fairing, sanding, fairing sanding…

and fibreglassing (with little help from my friend…)

and fairing, and sanding…and painting… and sanding… and…

But here it is!

It is SUP as well;

Time for test on water;

Couple of bugs in outrigger design - overall very good stability and speed potential. Perfect as SUP. Next week I am expecting delivery of pair of skuls so more tests to come.
Lake will be MINE! ;-))

Sept 1.
Thank you folks for your kind words - I really appreciate it. All of this was possible because of fantastic job of Maslow - thank you Bar. Maslow gave me possibility to create and broke the mould what is possible and what is not. Another issue is support - when I was building Maslow, I’ve got excellent advice from all over the world. Thanks to Maslow community I solved my mechanical and software problems on the spot. It took me only 2 weeks to assemble and debug my Maslow!.
I think that with current experience I will make a second build of Maslow. There is a slight issue with accuracy - distortion in x-direction, so I need more rigid frame and definitely new sled.
Overall a lot of fun and open possibilities - most important robust workflow from concept to design, machine readable G code, CNC, fabrication. And all of it in my own garage without mortgaging my wife and my dog :wink:
Thank you guys

Project of the Week / Community Gardener for September 5, 2018
Maslow Mark II - 3D

WOW! What a lovely build!
Hard for the competition for POW.
This is my nomination :slight_smile:

Edit: Thanks for the great pictures.


WOW!!! :heart_eyes:

This is astounding. The craftsmanship is incredible. The finish on the fiberglass looks phenomenal. Highlight of my day so far! Thanks for sharing :grinning:

This is my nomination for project of the week too :heart:


Wow squared! Now all I need is that lake!
Project of at least this week!.. Maybe more weeks!:heart:
A real inspiration!


What an incredible build!


Excellent! Ive never seen this style of boat before. Hope to hear more about it when you get to test it out more, and how the outrigger works.


Absolutely amazing build!! Thanks for all the pictures!


OMG, great work!


Wow, nice build. First thing i like that involves crocs :slight_smile:


That fiberglass wrap and finish was done beautifully.

Lots of jealousy over here!


Hey kayaker37 - I logged around 70km so far and boat behaves quite well. Stable, fast and easy to launch from shore or deck. I am using Endomondo to record speed and distance - max speed 12.5km/h; easy to maintain 6.9km/h. I’ve build her too strong - two layers of 400g/m2 so she weights 20kg - should be lighter. Outrigger design was total disaster - too flimsy. After 5 iterations I decided on classical moving seat. Now boat is good 0.5m too short and my position must be moved good 20cm afore. I will do a second build: 5.2m long, about 3cm taller, 5cm narrower. But before I have to rebuild my Maslow: Y-dimension is squashed by 2cm vs my design values. I think that wooden frame, my clumsy sled and Bosh router is to blame. I have to fix it.
Here is fall picture from Warta river :wink:

Maslow Mark II - 3D