Wood screws too small for the default frame?

I just got home from the hardware store, excited to start building my frame. I’m following the instructions for the default frame, which say to use “2-1/4 screws included in kit,” so I didn’t bother buying any more wood screws. However, when I started building, I could only fine one bag of wood screws (Bag #4), which are just over 1" in length. Obviously, this doesn’t work for 2x4s. Am I missing something? I don’t live close to town, so I’m very sad that just minutes into my build I’m already having such issues =/

I think the kit only has parts for the electroncis and the sled (at least the maker made one I bought). The frame is a totally separate deal.

I was afraid of that… I don’t understand how the official “Build your Frame Documentation” links to the default frame build-guide from the Maker Made Website (same site where I bought my kit), and those instructions say:

Find wood screws in the Maslow kit
2-1/4 screws included in kit.