3d Printing of part to improve machine operation

I have notice on facebook that a lot of you make your own replacement parts and design new ideals to make you Maslow more accurate when making cuts. My question is what size 3d printer would I need to make parts. I am looking at purchasing one but I need to know how much build volume I need.

Hi @RickM
I agree on that dust collection and chain guides have been 3d printed.

I have not seen printed parts that do that.
We do have some 3d printer well experienced friends in the Forum that will hopefully reply to your question of what printer to choose. For more accuracy of the Maslow, I dare to doubt that this is possible.
Kind regards, Gero

In addition to Gero’s items, I have seen a few what I would call pen holders, items that are sized to be the same size as router diameter with a hole in the middle for a pen. I have also seen a few alignment tools, so things like hole templates and stuff.

I don’t think any of it is essential, I get the impression that many of these people make these things because they already have a 3D printer.

That said, from what I have seen, the objects are all relatively small.


After thinking about it, I did find something that can be 3d printed and make the Maslow more accurate.

you can just get it printed locally at a library or via www.3dhubs.com
if you want to print more then buy a 3d printer.

To answer your question… I would recommend looking the the printer bed sizes. Mine is approx 300x300 mm. I have yet to have the need to make anything bigger than that.

And I have found a lot of uses for it outside of the Maslow. I made my own sound bar brackets to mount my sound bar to my wall mounted tv a couple weeks ago. Made some faucet handles for my brother a couple months ago.

Your imagination is all you need

i have creality cr10, you can get them used dirty cheap and they are pretty big about 1 cubic foot volume