Adding a microswitch for top of Z travel stop

Hi Keith,

Were you ever able to successfully implement the optical endstops? If so, how did you end up wiring and programming these to the maslow? I have purchase endstops and I’m now starting to get into updating my router base.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks! TMW

Just a note, endstops are good to keep from damaging the mechanism, but they are
not the best for accuracy

the reason is that the bit isn’t always going to stick out of the router the
same amount. Even if you try to put a collar on it, the stick-out still depends
on how loose the chuck was when you positioned it (as it will not move in with
the chuck as you tighten it exactly the same way)

zeroing by going down until you hit a metal plate is far more consistant (as
long as you avoid digging divots in the plate and then measuring into those)

David Lang

Hi Walter,

Unfortunately I never did get around to installing the optical endstops, but you should also know that I never planned to utilize them in my Maslow, but rather in a router table setup. I may get to it eventually, but the implementation probably wouldn’t help you with your Maslow since I don’t believe there is anything in the software that allows for endstop switches at the moment.