Maximim & Minimum Z-Travel setting?

My router base mechanism binds up solid if I raise my height just over .75" (shitty!). But it is what it is until I can cut out my new Z setup.

So I need to set my Z Raise limit.

( If the Z travel goes further (Higher) than that, it seizes up, on the way up, and I have to take apart the entire Bosch base in order to free it up again, or further Z travel is impossible, and the motor burns up.)
It’s bad!

there is no limit in the maslow or GC firmware for the Z axis travel, you just
have to be very careful with you gcode and manual movement.

David Lang

Well maybe you can help me figure this out.
(You’re always super helpful, thank you.)

When I open up the Z axis control pane, I’m able to set my zero (just 0.1 to 0.5 mm from touching the wood surface) after that I’m able to raise my z, and return to zero no problem, but when I go to the calibration page, and go to “Adjust Z Axis” after doing this successfully, I press “Define Zero” the bit raises with no stop button in sight, and proceeds to jam the router up into the base.

So what am I doing wrong?

is it moving to safe z axis height after zeroing? What is that height set at? Are you in mm or in? Is your z axis pitch correct for mm moved per revolution?

Thanks for your reply,

My pitch is pretty accurate, and I can save my zero, and it will return to zero.

But when I move to the next step it raises the bit WAAY above (heigher) than my zero.

(with my router, I need to have zero set at nearly its max travel height, or else the router will jam into its base.

In a nutshell, with my setup, “Zero” needs to be just above the work surface to where the bit is just barely 1mm away from touching the wood surface.

one of the biggest drawback of using this Bosch 1617. It appears i can barely get 3/4" of cutting depth.

(This is really just to get me by until I can cut parts for the Meticulous z. )

it is the safe travel height you need to make sure is low. change it to 2 mm or 1 mm so it doesn’t back way up when it moves.
in Ground Control:

in WebControl:

do you need help cutting parts for the meticulous Z?