Attaching motor shield to rasberry pi?

anyone think one of these would work? it is basically a circuit board that allows one to attach arduino shields to a Rasp Pi. I know very little about raspberry pi, but it seems strange to me to have a mini computer (arduino) run the motor shield and then having to hook up another mini computer (raspberry pi) to make it work. Seems like one mini pc would be more elegant of a soluiton?

The RPi doesn’t have enough gpio pins to handle all the signals for the stock Maslow board or the TLE5206 board. A board specificity designed for the RPi would be better than trying to adapt to the present ones.

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Arduino is good for things that require very precise timing (like watching the
encoder inputs), but cannot do things like running displays

Raspberry Pi is good for running displays and large logic, but isn’t that good
at precise timing.

That’s why you end up with two computers in just about any CNC system. You have
one to run the hardware with precise timing, and another to interact with the