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Hey folks. It’s been a while. I’ve been running our charter business in the USVI. The other night, I emailed Dudley Dix about getting the DXF files for the Oppikat (discussed above) and he told me that they’ve recently added the Bigakat 12! This is basically the equivalent of a Hobie Wave that you can home build. It’s big enough for a small family to all go out together. It’s also strategically designed so that you can build one hull, remove the temporary frames to build the second hull. These hulls are ideally suited for making on a CNC machine. I’m still in the process of deciding/building my CNC machine, so I’m going to go the router template route. Here’s the link and some pics. I’m about to send him some $ via PayPal. I’m hoping to be one of the first build blogs/YouTube videos. Check out and for future developments. I’m going to call mine the pHauxbieCat!



Subscibed to you channel! This is great, can’t wait… :slight_smile:

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