Looking connect with maslow user in my area

I am building a 19 ft row boat and I am looking for someone in my area Rochester ,NY using the Maslow

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A good place to start is to check the Maslow map: 🌎 Are we neighbors? Pin the Map! (optional) 🌍


I’m in Phelps - Have a couple of projects under my belt, wanna compare notes?

YES!!! however I have no notes to compare with Maslow specifically , Just found out about the Maslow and it looks like the perfect system to cut stitch and glue boat parts I have a file for a boat called "row crusier " that I purchased last year at christmas I have managed to "hand cut " the outriggers but finding out about the Maslow got me thinking the boat is constructed out of 6 sheets of 6mm plywood . I do offer other potential collaborations or cash , but my main objective is to wrap my head around some computer interface ,and technical applications , I work as an art technician at a SUNY school and have a background in sculpture so I love meeting other "makers "my background is primarly bronze casting .and some stone sculpting .

Duncan Chase

There have been quite a few people using maslow for exactly this purpose, search
for ‘boat’ in topics.

David Lang

You are welcome to see my set-up any time - I do suffer from the same struggles as the rest of the community in that I have a hard time cutting at the corners (extremes) but my projects allow me to work around those issues. I can also provide the ground work for someone to get started with software to gcode flow

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Hello Anthony ,

Sorry for the slow response my mother broke a hip so I have been planning travel to minnesota to help her with her recovery . I think I can see how the "extremes " may be diffucult for detail? either way I would love to meet you sometime to see some of your projects and perhaps show you this file on my thumb drive . there is a company here in Rochester that can do this on a large format router , but I love the idea of DIY. I have been put at task at work finding out about CNC technology . so meeting up with you would be great !!!

Duncan Chase

Sorry to hear that. Best wishes. I’m not going anywhere (like my mother told me long ago) so when you are available we can meet.

back from the midwest Gordo.

I would love to come out to your place ,and see your setup . as it gets colder its time for a winter project .Perhaps this weekend November 10th or 11th ?

Duncan Chase

The 11th works best, my days off are sun, Mon

Hey Anthony , I have a quick project with my daughter in the morning helping her get a dock out of the water here in rochester . I could come out after noon?

on sunday ?

Does that work for you ?

Duncan Chase

That’s fine. txt me at tree wun fife seven too niner fife eight fower fife and I’ll shoot you my addy

The bad news: someday soon, the spambots will be able to decypher your code.

The good news: those bots will be smarter, better conversationalists than people.

I am from Syracuse and just discovered the Maslow.
My order is in for December.
Back in the early 90s I was a CNC operator for a few months.
Outside of that I am new at all of this and would welcome local enthuisiast help.
My next day off is Nov. 16th and I might go to the Rochester Makers Faire.
My first desired project is to make 2 dobsonian telescope mounts.


Hey Brian , I am in Rochester . Just now embarking on finding out how these rig’s work I work in a art department , and I am curious about the technical aspects and limitations , also I have plans for a stitch and glue boat that I think might be just the ticket .

Duncan Chase

Keep in touch.
Your project sounds great.

I would love to learn from any experiences that you may share in the process.

I am starting from scratch and hope to catch on quickly.

My past life was in nuclear remote visual inspection. I was involved with design, build and use of remote robotics.

The last company in that field that I worked for was in Williamson N.Y.

That company is now Rolls Royce.

I gave up that life to be close to home.

Since 2011 I work for NYS thruway as a field tech. On some weekends I cover as far west as Canandaigua.

Take care


I’m in Ithaca! If anyone wants to hang out (in Ithaca, I don’t have a car), give me a ping!