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Can you use the Ryobi R1631K 1-1/2 Peak HP 8.5 Amp


Will this router work with the setup?

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It looks like the Ryobi version of the suggested Ridged Router. In truth, any router will work. This is homemade CNC! Also the z axis configuration (that looks like would work) on this Ryobi is really being challenged buy better designs anyway. :smiley:



If it is this one image

just mounting the Z-motor on top will not work.
While turning clock wise, it can push the router up, but since the depth-stop can’t be locked to the base, it can’t pull the router down.

You will be able to use this router without the base, by going for alternative z-axis like

Kind regards, Gero

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For the Yet-another-Z-Axis-mod, that router looks like it will work fine. It will possibly require a custom-to-that-router clamp design, but that should be the only change needed. If you send me the diameter (preferably measured with calipers) of the body and verify that the head doesn’t protrude from the body more than 1/2" or so (which is to say, the diameter of the head is not too much larger than the diameter of the body), then I’d be happy to generate modified clamps. A couple of photos of the naked router body would also help. Once we get the clamps dialed in on yours I could add them to the kit as permanent mods for others who prefer that router.