Complete Maslow Kit with Z axis and Rigid Router $500 Shipped

Hey all, I have a slightly used Maslow for sale. I just don’t have time to use it, and I work at a place with access to an industrial 4x8 cnc router. Everything works great, like new! Comes with everything from the kit, plus z axis motor, sled, and Rigid 22002 router. It is all assembled in my garage right now. I will take $500 shipped. Call 731-three77-nine8nine1. Thanks- Taylor.


Bump $500 shipped.

Where is that garage?

Surprised you haven’t had a long list of “is it still available” posts

Oh, yeah. Never a good idea to post a phone number, even slightly obfusticated, online. This forum has a private message system


Sounds like a great deal, particularly assembled with the router! Unless somebody jumps on it a few pics or maybe a YouTube link of it cutting might provide some encouragement.

Those megabuck 4x8ers have a slight edge on our Maslows, nice your employer let’s you use it. I worked for an independent Telco way back, still miss the employee loaner backhoe

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I will disassemble it and ship it (the maslow parts and router, not the frame) for anyone who is not local to pick up the whole unit. Located in Dyersburg, TN.

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Also have a few random bits I will include.

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Still for sale. Complete maslow kit and includes the sled and rigid router. This is a deal! Thanks

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Im down around Chattanooga. Do you have pics, does it have the ring?

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Unit is sold, thanks!