Cutting out a chair finally

Finally have time to run my chair through Maslow. I am running it inside my partial first run… Hence the double lines.

I did come up with an interesting issue though. The pc went into sleep mode, hence lost connection. But when I reconnected, it also lost chain length (always looses that) and when I tried to move back to center it dropped the sled to the floor and I couldn’t get it to come back to center.

Ended up repositioning the chains manually and then manually resetting chain length. Then it was 30 minutes of repositioning of home so the cuts were in the right place again.

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People are going to think I set my shop on fire… Better let the bit cool down. :slight_smile:

I had sleeping problems with my 3D printer. This is why I really think the answer is using a Raspberry Pi. The latest one has a quad core 1.2 Ghz processor and costs $35. I use the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ with my 3D printer, along with the Octopi web interface. It was an excellent solution. The original was only a 700mhz processor, but it was plenty to run a Linux, a simple web server, and to send G-code to the printer.

Also, Octopi running on a raspberry Pi was a lot faster than the ancient windows machine I’d be using to drive the printer. For the Maslow, there’s no way my laptop is going to live in the same dusty area as the machine.

You can set windoze in “always on” mode to eliminate the sleep problem, create an alternate power profile. You still need to remember to switch to it.

If you’re having dust issues there’s several topics here on dust collectors and control. You need it anyway, hack, cough, wheeze, sawdust is bad for your lungs.

I found that $35 doubles by the time you add a decent speed and size SD card, case, and power supply. Still a terrific bargain but you won’t have a display or keyboard. I just scrounged a 12 year old Dell desktop, might just see how that handles GC; think opencl might be an issue though

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