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Does the sled ride on screws? (as per MakerMade instructions)

Hi Guys,

I am building my Makermade base kit.
I noticed that the Makermade assembly instructions show the machine screws used to attach the router and bricks to the sled as protruding on the underside of the sled (see side view in pic).

Does this mean the sled actually rides on these screwheads to reduce friction?
I countersank my screws into the sled and wonder if I should add a few screws on the underside to reduce friction.

Good question. It is just a picture. You definitely want to chamfer or countersink your screw holes on the bottom so the sled rides on the bottom wood surface and not on the screw heads. The screws will catch on the edges or on your cut lines as the sled moves. Some sleds have a vacuum cavity on the under side and ride up a little on polyethelyne or something really low friction, but not on bolt heads.

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That makes a lot of sense. I didn’t think that screw heads would get stuck in cut lines. Glad I already countersunk mine. Thanks a lot for the response.