Err... bits - custom bits?

Not sure if this should be here or somewhere else but… one of the things I think would be neat would be a router bit with roundover edges so that – if it’s placed at the right depth and it’s the right “thickness”, you could roundover both sides while your work is held in with tabs (it would be cutting the tabs…)

I suppose it should also have a 1/2"x 1/4" circle for plunge cutting so I could (with a lot of wood waste?) use that single bit to go from ply to finished with a single bit…

That CAM path sounds very complicated though (easy enough in concept make your roughing cuts 1/2"+2mm from the path, cut through everything and leave tabs at these spots, do a finishing pass at full depth, stepping into 1/4" from the path; cut the larger tab at the top of the work last – so, sounds like 2 toolpaths on a single shape in MakerCAM)…

Then again… is the amount of dust gonna be worth it versus taking the cut part to my router table to finish it?

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You can totally use roundover bits! You just have to find ones without the bearings on the end like this:


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Not to correct the one and only here, but perhaps the point-cutting style of roundover would help w/ the plunge action / z axis? I have had trouble with bits that don’t have flutes on the end aka bottom-cleaning bits when using a plunge router.

Here’s a similar example with the point on the end:

Hrmm… maybe I need to look more, but this is what I was looking for:

But I suppose getting z exactly right is the hard part (always is on the router table, so… probably should be on Maslow as well…

Hmmm gotcha. I haven’t seen one like that before, but it would be neat if it was workable

Half round bullnose, figuring out the name was the hardest part. Here’s an example (remove the bearing) but these are not, um, the highest quality.

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