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EstlCAM and the issue with the contour

Hi EstlCAM Users,

just tried out a design and wondered if there is a way to tell the Software better what contour to take.

This is the contour

I want to cut these parts lower

and the rest i wanna just cutout.
EstlCAM just wont let me do this, it always select the whole contour

Is there a way to get this done?

I’m relatively new EstlCAM however, I recall in the tutorial videos on YouTube there are various ways of modifying and manually performing selections. My advice would be to review those vidoes. My sense is that it is possible based on what I took away from those vidoes.

I have run into similar problem with Fusion360 where it would not select contours like this because of the rounded corners. The easiest way I dealt with it was to just create additional paths or objects specifically for the first pass (red).