Finally got our Maslow working on 0.64

Finally got our Maslow working after struggling with 15mm error! It kept crashing ~5-10 minutes into the job until we downgraded to v0.64.

Cutting a parametric version of the Opendesk Unit Table that I plan to add a feature to to accommodate a sewing machine. Onshape link for anyone interested.

And if anyone in the Portland area is interested, this machine is located at the Past Lives makerspace in SE, just by the Ross Island bridge. Our woodshop is large, but pretty full, so we made a portrait frame and put it on a winch, so it rolls down to load and re-hang the Maslow.

We’ll be opening it up for member use in a few weeks once we better understand the machine.


Wooohooo!!! Maslow Hype! That’s so cool you got it running! Thanks for sharing your progress and table designs! :grinning:


Hell yeah!

Very cool. How is the fit with the box joints?

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Unfortunately we had a belt snap and only got the replacement parts. Will update when we get it back up!

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