Flat pack contest...inspirational

Found this while looking for a diy portable camping table. Maslow inspiration.


That’s me! :sunglasses:

I won an awesome Dewalt combo router kit that I’m currently using on my boat building project. Check out my other Instructables about building a small sailboat and a take-apart Adirondack chair (almost flat pack).

BTW, if you have any questions about the table, let me know. We have used that picnic table dozens of times for picnics and birthday parties. You never have to worry about getting a table at the park!

I took the classic Scout version, updated it and created a CAD drawing for it. I had about 1 ft² of scrap plywood and a pile of sawdust after I was done cutting out all the parts.

Definitely a Maslow project of the highest order. I think you could sell these at a local farmer’s market with some pre-cut kits in back of the tent. You could even personalize them for folks.