Frame calculations

Okay, about to start cutting wood for the frame, but want to check some values first. I tried a few designs in the chain geometry spreadsheet (I am not sure who gets credit for that, but fantastic work, thank you!). I was planning first to use a 12’ beam located 30" above the work surface as is often recommended. However, if I can get away with ~23" above the work surface, I will be able to roll this in and out of my garage door. Otherwise its stuck inside. I don’t plan on cutting outside (driveway is fairly sloped), but it’s nice when cleaning to get it out of the way without needing two people to tip it over and move.

The attached copy of the spreadsheet compares 30" vs 23". Does this look detrimental in any way?

Additional notes: I am using the premade 12’ beam and premade metal sled from MetalMaslow. Will be using this with a Dewalt 611 router. These parts haven’t shipped yet, so the motor separation and sled weights are just best guesses.

Maslow Chain Geometry diff.xlsx (66.5 KB)

the max tension (top center) is a little higher than stock, but it’s lower than
stock height with a 12’ top beam.

I don’t think it will be a problem, just watch to see if you have any problems
cutting across the top.

David Lang

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