GCodeClean now has a GUI

Well I finally got a GUI made for GCodeClean.
Original GCodeClean - the command line version - is still at md8n/GCodeClean
The new GUI, which uses almost all of the original code, is at md8n/GCodeCleanGUI

There is a pre-built release, but only for Windows Releases · md8n/GCodeCleanGUI (github.com).

IMPORTANT - this is a ‘side-loaded’ Windows App. So, the first time you install it you have to use Install.ps1 to set things up correctly. After that you’ll be able to use the regular .msix file for any subsequent installation.

Also this was a get-it-out-the-door project. So none of the ‘clean’ options are supported, only defaults are used. If you’re a regular GCodeClean user (and who isn’t) then please let me know what options you regularly use and I will prioritise their inclusion in the GUI.