GroundControl not stopping for Z-Axis after upgrade

Hello all. I just upgraded firmware and GroundControl to 0.83 on my Mac and was about to start cutting out my sled. I did a practice run in case I messed something up and GC doesn’t seem to ask me for input every time I’m supposed to change the depth of the bit. I build the gcode using makercam and using the settings on the build instructions. Any ideas what might be going on? Here is the gcode that I’m using .

Many thanks.

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This has been a common situation this week :confused: see the quoted thread.

Darn! I really tried to look around and see if anyone else had the same problem before posting. @blurfl thanks so much for the post. I’ll wait until Wednesday because the only day I had to work on this all week was today.


No worries, sorry your day got stopped short. The next release will make the z axis work right and you’ll be off and cutting :slight_smile:.

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