Help MaslowDue sketch

Hi, I tried to compile the MaslowDue sketch for the 1.2 card, but it gives me many errors. Is there an already compiled file somewhere to download and upload to Arduino Due? Thank you.

Hi there, if you are referring to MaslowDue this was not updated 11 months.
I was out of here for a long time, so don’t take my advice too serious. Webcontrol seems to be most active and from the responses most efficient.

If this is for the M2, go to

If you check the commits, the one I linked has a commit called ’ Corrected pinout from committed on Aug 18, 2019. This might or might not be relevant. They are from the same guy anyway.

I should connect these cards.

I’m not much of a help here. Out of the Due to long. Perhaps this post 2nd Generation MaslowCNC Controller on GRBL or mentioning @idocull will give you a hint.

you could connect the shield in the middle to the due on the right, but if that shield was for the mega, I’m not positive it will work with the due. You would likely want to do a pin connection review between the due and the mega to ensure they are pin compatible. I’m not suggesting you should or shouldn’t. What does the added card on the left do?

As far as I remember its the eeprom to store the settings, the Duo does not have that. Can’t recall what the resistors and capacitors are for, but for some protection and noise reduction. Putting that shield on the Due will not work. My getto version with a TLE shield from Apr’19

The Due is 3.3v while the mega is 5v the resister/cap are to drop the voltage to
avoid frying the board

David Lang