Maslow M2 not recognised win10

Hi there, I have a M2, just finished assembly and installed CNCjs software fir win10. I’ve followed the instructions in the manual - which are not great BTW - connected the M2 to USB, Win10 discovered the Due board. Within the CNCjs software, I set the baud rate 38400, set port to COM4 - however NO Due board name.

THe console in CNCjs states that it is connected. There is an ANNOYING high pitch buzz from the due controller, HOWEVER there is nothing in the console window. just the CNCjs, sahying connected com4, baud rate 38400.

It does not accept commands.

I am Unable to unlock the M2, nor send commands to it, or run ANY form of calibration.


Many thanks

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Please try makerverse.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I have just tried makerverse and I get the exact same thing happening.

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heres a link to the console

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You have version 1.0.6 and it says it recognizes your due on com4 because it opened the black console

so you should be able to do the simple square calibration and continue.

The motors will hum while it is on unless you tell them to sleep. To wake again from sleep, press the reset button and then the unlock button. Before you try to move with the shuttle commands, reset home (only the first time and after that, only when you mean to center it and reset your calibration to home position. If you try to move anything before that, you run the risk of driving the sled off the edge. If it is the top edge, it will rip apart your ring, if it is the bottom edge, it may yank out your chain nails. Please be careful and if things don’t go as you expect, press reset quickly or pull the plug.

If you type $I, it should list your machine information.

Get the newest version of makerverse (1.1.2) from the link I posted previously:

If you do that, then it will look like this:

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Also looking in computer management and device drivers dont seem to be able to be updated for the Due

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ok give me a few minutes. And Thanks heaps!

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I’m liking your posts, so you will be allowed to post pictures…

driver error

so to me it looks like a driver error. Thinking I might be really stuck now

Install the Arduino ide and then instal the 32 bit due board support for it. Example here. The thing that is strange to me is that the system recognizes it is the programming port, which should work.

Once you get the Arduino ide loaded, open a serial port monitor and copy paste the output here. You may want to turn off auto scroll.

Hi Orob, Apologies for taking so long to reply. I have managed to get my Maslow m2 working, using s different laptop!

I installed Arduino on another laptop, with Due Driver board as well as makerverse, Plugged the M2 in and presto! its working. I managed to calibrate and do a test cut.

lots to learn, but I’m now underway.


Oh and i’m not sure whats up with the original laptop. i use it to CNC mill and is working ok. But i’m not thinking of doing a complete reinstall of windows and my milling software (Centriod Acorn CNC) as I’d lie to use just one laptop in the garage.