Help organize the Community Garden

The Community Garden is getting a little disorganized. Projects with the most “stars” will automatically float to the top keeping the Garden organized, but we need more people to star the projects they like to help sort.

If you’ve got a minute and want to help keep the garden organized, go through and show some love to your favorite projects.

To star a project you like click the “Source” button on the project’s page:

Then click the “Star” button at the top to give that project a star

Having the best and most relevant projects float to the top will make browsing the Community Garden easier for everyone, and it shows the creators of the projects that we appreciate their work :tada:

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Hey @Bar just a thought, would it maybe make sense to have it sorted by number of downloads vs. number of stars.

I think downloads would represent things that people are engaging with vs. just voting for arbitrarily.

Even better, I think the homepage of the garden should be the newest 10 projects, with the community gardener of the week’s project pinned to the top.

I know I know, a lot of work probably, but that is my dream layout for the garden…