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How much money have you spent on your Maslow Build?


I’m curious how much money people are actually spending on getting their maslow build? Please make a list of what you have spent and why. If you are using stuff you already had list it’s approximate used value. Please do not just say used stuff was free, because everything has value. This will give people better idea of what a complete system costs.
For example:
$410 maslow kit
$50 lumber
$190 Ridgid R2200 router
$50 shop vac
$10 power strip and extension cord
$30 fire extinguisher
$30 extra cutting bits
$30 old laptop
$800 total

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I was thinking about this the other day and almost made this exact same topic. I was half laughing at the thought of how much I have really spent vs what I thought it would be. I was thinking around $500. Your list looks pretty good and comparable to mine but my things cost slightly more ($80 shop vac, $200 used laptop, etc.). I’d rather not itemize everything for my own sanity, gulp…but I’m pretty sure I’m well over $1,200. That’s just a couple dollars more than the kit like I told my wife…:wink:


I refuse to answer the question on the grounds that I may incriminate myself. :rofl:


I’m not finished yet, but so much less than a bed type CNC that I can’t be any thing less than happy. The Maslow will allow me to have years of fun making things not otherwise possible.


I would have to buy or rent a new workshop to fit a bed-style CNC in, so options are limited.

How does the maslow really compare to a bed-style, though, I wonder, if it’s costing something like $1000 in total anyway? I get the impression that most people are tinkering with their maslows much more than being productive.


I can’t speak for anyone else but, the stock maslow is fine. However, every system has it’s limitations. I looked at the shaper origin for a long time but $2,400 is more than I wanted to pay. I don’t have room for a bed machine either.

However, the whole point of the Maslow as I see it, is a continually evolving project/design. Tinkering and making improvements to the function and accuracy of the machine are a large part of the whole point for some.


Agreed. You definitely don’t have to spend as much as others have. Some are just on a quest to keep making improvements. Only musts are the Maslow kit, wood for the frame and a computer.


maslow+ z axis+ shipping: $423
bits $171
frame stuff $150
odds and ends: $84
windows 10 tablet: $95
steel cyclone for dust separation: $85
(already had) shopvac: $50
cleanstream filter for shopvac: $35
20 foot long hose for shopvac: $30
1/2 inch to 1/8 inch router collet insert: $18
router: $159

:man_shrugging: About what I expected. I budgeted 1500 for it, so came in a bit under budget. I’ve got a ton of bits, so hopefully I wont need to buy any more of those in the near future.


thanks for reply. how is the 1/8" bit adapter working? Nice thing about 1/8" bits is they are very cheap and produce about 200% less chips/dust… .The bad thing is they are easier to break.


I am using a 1/4 to 1/8" adapter and so far so good. I am being very careful not to go more than 1/2 the diameter of the bit on drill operations (peck) or step-down.