How to rebase commits in preparation for a nice and clean pull request?

So I am at that point where a firmware improvement could be tested by several volunteers, and I realize that once that’ll be done it’ll hopefully be ready for a pull request.

Then I remember we should order and make our commits nice and clean before requesting a pull.
I’ve never done that though.

Could some experienced giter show me the path please?


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Since this is the “no judgement” section I’ll give it a try. In advance - sorry if I misunderstood your request!

Basically I read your request as “Please make a code review, so that I maximize my chances to merge my changes to the official project”. So, I added a few comments to just to illustrate what I would expect if this was a change that was targeting some of the projects I own. I am not familiar with project details, so I cannot review the logic you implemented. But I have good amount of professional experience in software development, so I commented the style.
Feel free to ignore my comments.
Hope this helps!

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I did not mention which repository I was preparing, and it is the “c0depr1sm/Firmware” one.

Actually you commented my experimental (personnal use) version of the MaslowCNC Firmware. That is my laboratory proof of concept for the high accuracy MaslowCNC research resulting into the Zipper Tree Chalenge.

That work provides the independant basis for my critical review of the Holey Triangular Calibration prepared by Joshua, Madgrizzle & others.

And the Firmware delta for which I prepare to request a pull implements one important accuracy improvement from the Holey Calibration solution: Chain tension calculation and stretch compensation.

Other steps will come to implement the rest.

Now I really appreciate your feedback and time you gave to it. :slight_smile:
Actually, I also look at how to use the “git rebase…” thing.