First time modify Ground Control and Firmware to add new functions


I need to modify code of Ground Control and Arduino schetch to add a new function: I wand to add control of a led strip (also settings in GC).

What is the workflow to modify code on GitHub so that my changes are reflected in all the new releases of the code?

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Not that I’m an expert on this, but I think it goes somehow like this:
Open or use your github account and then fork the master firmware and GC.
Do the changes in your fork and test them thoroughly.
(optional) Provide a link to your fork for members interested in testing to test and provide feedback.
When you think that all is fine and it will contribute to the master branch, then you create a pull request for changes. From the little I know it’s better to make separate pull requests for separate features and not pack them all in one.


This link may help you!


Thank you to Gero and Bar for your informations!


To modify code of Ground Control is it the same workflow?

Or it is not expected for GC?

GC has the same workflow as the Firmware repository. Fork, modify, test, test, test, Pull Request :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, modifying anything for maslow follows the same workflow