I'm a newbie and have a question for the frame before I start

I just got my metal maslow in the other day, received a damaged box, it was tore open enough for anything to fall out. I think I have everything when I compare it to a parts list, but my maslow did not come with a router bit, perhaps it fell out hopefully I am not over looking anything.
I got this kit to build furniture and to see what else I could create.
Before I build the frame for it I have a question before I start, is the standard frame good enough to create full size 6ft arcade cabinets? Would it be accurate enough or should I order more chain and increase the top beam size?

sorry it got damaged, if anything is missing let us know
the kit comes with 14’ long chains so no need to get anything longer. you are thinking of the other kit sellers who only include the shorter chains. Our kit is fairly complete and doesn’t require most of the fixes/upgrades that the original one does (that you read about on this forum)

thank you so much, I am uploading firmware right now, everything seems to be here. I like the fan housing for the boards, the whole kit got to me in less than a week, thank you! I’ll go with a 12’ beam then instead of a 10 when i build the frame, I didn’t realize they were 14’ chains.