Is it right for me?

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I’ve been lurking about for a few weeks now and I am absolutely fascinated by the Maslow CNC. It almost seems too good to be true. I am an arcade and pinball enthusiast who has found it more and more difficult to obtain cabinets that are in decent shape. So, I want to build my own, because plans are readily available. My question is…would the Maslow CNC be a good fit for me? I may cut 3 or 4 cabinets a year or at least replacement parts for damaged cabinets. The cuts would need to be accurate, but not precise. I’ve built one cabinet years ago by my own design and it was really a pain…something I don’t want to do by hand. I am thinking the Maslow would be good for this? I see some smaller bar top cabinets on the site, so I am assuming full size would be doable with a decent degree of accuracy? Can someone more experienced confirm this before I start ordering parts. :smiley:

Thanks! This is a neat community, and I am glad I found it.



simple answer is Arcade Cabinet Plans


Should be fine
Just avoid the corners for best accuracy cutting out 6 ft tall pieces out of 8 ft long plywood will work

Thanks Larry…I guess I could have used search…

Thank you for being patient…and judging from the pics…the answer is yes.



Thanks Metalmaslow….that is something I was most concerned about…cutting big pieces…

I can’t think of a good reason not to try this. :slight_smile:


Just a cautionary note, learning how to design parts (CAD), turn them into cutting instructions CAM), and then actually using the machine has a steep startup curve. Like a lot of things, actually, but it discourages a lot of users. 3D printers are similar, lots end up in the back of a closet because the owners get discouraged. Persevere and your patience will be rewarded!

And, once you get past learning enough to get by, it can get addictive. You might find yourself maxing out your credit cards and hitting up friends and family for loans to buy more plywood, build a bigger shop, build more Maslows, etc. :grin:


Thank you mooselake…words of wisdom. The plans I want to use have already been written…but I do plan on creating my own at some point.

The CAM part is something I need to look into for sure.

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If you have a decent cad understanding, the cam part isn’t that hard. I think cad is the hardest to learn.


hi there, i was wondering if you did get one and start using it?