Arcade Cabinet Plans

Has anyone had experience with this site or the plans they post?

Seems like another great source of plans for a Maslow.


Did Boulderdash exist an arcade box?

they look good ,they are made with a newer build of vcarve
I was thinking about making a MAME cabinet maybe using retropie.
this is a great find.

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I’m not sure about balderdash.

Also here is another kit with all you need for a one player cab and another site with what looks like a cab plans.


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I’ve started building a tabletop arcade this weekend. I made a timelapse of the progress so far…


Very cool

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This is awesome! I think there are a lot of folks out there who will be excited to see this come together (myself included).

Did you do the design yourself or find plans?

Love the :chicken: framed in the last picture :grin:

Thanks. Everything was drawn from scratch, based on looking at lots of other people efforts of course.

I have and old monitor and speakers that it should hopefully be the correct size for.

I did a practice run just making a controller/joystick and made it back to front by mistake.

The chickens are a source of constant moral support :grinning:


Chickens are pretty awesome!

Having a bad day? Drop some scraps at your feet and watch a chicken run full speed towards you! = #DayInstantlyBetter !


THIS IS WHY MY BOSS AND I ARE INVESTING IN A MASLOW… <3 <3 <3 Can’t wait for the kit to arrive… THANK YOU FOR THIS!


Bob at has both cabinet and tabletop arcade game console plans on his website. Knowing him and the size of his new basement (although he has a pretty large CNC), he might even take a dip into the Maslow pool.


Crap, now i’m not gonna be first, i’ve got mine drawn out, buttons and joystick arrived last week, and today the power supply should arrive. Now all i need is some time to install my maslow.


I won’t be finished for at least few days. If you really want to be first, there’s still time! :wink:

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Part 2 - Apologies for inadvertent visible arse crack.


I’ve noticed that these plans are kinda basic and lack a ton of things like pockets and other stuff.

I’ve actually been working on translating the control panels from here and touching them up. It’s pretty time consuming.

I have a lot of four player games that need replacement control panels :frowning:

I am very interested in the arcade cabinet plans and builds as part of the Maslow and plan to purchase one soon. Do you use the Z-axis kit a lot with these plans? Do you feel it is necessary to have the Z-axis add-on to do most of the work related to arcade cabinet plans and builds?
Also, are the plans or programs being used to built these bar top and control panel plans available or shared for those of us that would also like to use them?

you really want to have the Z axis for just about any work you do. Having the
system pause, with the bit spinning against wood can start a fire.

as you are adjusting the knob, you can bump things and cause cuts where you
don’t want them

I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing for Maslow to stop selling the kit without
the Z axis (except possibly for special orders)


I’ll try and do a write up for the community garden and include my svg files once mine is completed. I’m sure there are other plans out there. The ones linked at the top of this thread are useful but didn’t include the control panel, as far as i could see. I designed mine specifically for the dimensions of an old monitor I have and all buttons the same size, where there are usually a couple different sized buttons. The point being you would still likely need to be able to edit any plans for your exact needs.

Definitely go for the z-axis for what dlang said!


Thank you for the replies. I will definitely go with the Z-axis add-on; thank you for the input.

I would love to see the files posted - even if they need to be tweaked somewhat; it would really help those of us trying it for the first time and getting a running start.

KingOfScolboa - have your tried the plans posted on Those are the plans I have been looking at and would love to use the Maslow to create these cabinet. Any insights into how well these plans translate to the Maslow? Anyone have svg files for any of these cabinets or any full-sized cabinets?

In general - how well does the Maslow do for these types of projects (arcade cabinets)? Is this a sound investment for the purpose of building arcade cabinets?

Thank you!

Is there a ‘s’ missing in the link?