Is the Dewalt 26204K router compatible and best suited?


I plan on buying a Maslow Jumpstart kit on and the recommended Dewalt routers I saw on this site do not correspond to the models available here.

So I was wondering which of Dewalt’s routers were compatible.
I selected the 26204K so far. What do you think?

is the correct dewalt

KATSU Affleureuse à Bois Défonceuse Électrique 220V 710W + 3 Pinces de 6mm, 8mm et 10mm: Bricolage

or use this and save $185
you’ll need to 3d print a 71-65mm spacer or buy the smaller 65mm clamp
DishyKooker Kit de montage de broche pour machine à faisceau C CNC 52 mm 65 mm 71 mm 52mm: Fournitures de bureau

amazon charges most sellers about 15% fees, you can probabaly save hundreds by just buying it directly from a maslow cnc seller. $1325 is too expensive.

Thanks. I’m not crazy about amazon but could not find a retailer in France.
Also I noticed the price of the maslow kit itself as well as drill bits on .fr is more than twice the price of the US listing on! So even with shipping and import fees, it might still be cheaper to buy oversea. Crazy.

Anyway, coming back to the router. Can you tell me what the D26200 have that makes it better suited than the D26204? specs seem very similar:

Except the 204 weighs an additional kilo - which might be important for this application :slight_smile:

the 204 is too heavy and you would need a custom made clamp, no one uses it for those reason.s

thanks a lot for this valuable insight, I would have made the wrong move if you did not call it.
I’ll substitute for the 200 then.