Large Gcode number causes error in WebControl - have to restart at next line

I had this one spot in my design and the system stopped with an error every time around, except when it cut off on a literal tangent twice.


G02 X468.1353 Y273.1857 Z-8.0000 I-36726.9630 J1234.0951
G03 X467.3183 Y249.1190 Z-8.0000 R836226.179450
G02 X471.8497 Y263.7913 Z-8.0000 I2487.2178 J-760.1286

the R 836226.179450 is the line that made it die each time. The first time it did it, I patiently waited and waited, but I was able to go view the gcode to figure out what line because the router was still there. Thankfully the WebControl go to gcode # allowed the program resume right where it had stopped. This had to be done 5 times on this one drawing. What is the maximum radius the arduino gcode parser can handle?

@blurfl, did the large arc change you make work with R or just I/J?

Looking at the firmware code, I don’t think R is supported at all, just I/J.

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@madgrizzle, you’re right, the firmware only supports arcs using the I,J relative mode.

@Orob, is the gcode generated for a machine that is ‘grbl compatible’? Many programs will adjust their gcode output format for a variety of machines. The Maslow want to use the settings often listed as ‘grbl’ or ‘grbl compatible’.

gcode was generated with inkscape gcodetools.

The inkscape gcodetools seem to be abandonware, but you could try and post this issue on their English language forum

I use the free version of Carbide Create on my much smaller 3018, you may want to try using that with your inkscape svg file

I read up on this and apparently in inkscape gcodetools, if you have the postprocessor set to “Round to value to 4 digits.” then it will generate the R values. Make sure that is set to NONE.

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