Looking to Buy complete new kit

Please reply if you are will to sell a new kit.

I’m with a school district in Illinois and when I went to purchase yesterday the availability said June (last week when I checked its was March :frowning: )


We usually donate them to any schools that ask. We used to have a whole voting thing where people could nominate schools and then the winners would get machines, but it was too much overhead so now we just give them away to any school that emails us.

If you email info@maslowcnc.com I’m sure we can get you one, but I am not sure that we have one which isn’t claimed yet so it might not be until march :grimacing:


Yeah, Maslow is awesome that way.

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@bar Could you add an item in the store to be able to “buy” money toward school kits? Maybe in different denominations? Like a $1 donation, $5 donation, $10 donation etc.?

I really appreciate that you donate kits to schools and would like to help support that. I’m also planning to get a Ring Kit as soon as they are available, so that would be an easy time for me to add a donation (and have it be a part of a “tools” purchase in the budget :slight_smile: )


Wow. I will email you shortly. That is fantastic!

That’s a great idea as well.

We’re happy to do it and donating machines has been worked into the budget from the beginning, but I’ll see if we can get a donate button going and set that money aside for doing good things :heart: :+1: :+1: