Maslow 4 with Kobalt router

Just to be clear, the Kobalt is ER-11a* compatible. From my research the difference between ER-11 and ER-11a is the thread pattern on the shaft/collet nut. A set like this ER-11a collet nut would work on the Kobalt. A set of ER-11 collets like these would then work. The nice thing about this system is you can get collets specifically for the size of router bit you want (1mm, 3mm, 6mm, 1/4in, 1/8in, etc) to use for cutting/carving.


Thank you for sharing these Kobalt router mount adapters @Ken32960!

Planning to print using PETG tonight… Curious if these are the latest models, or if anyone remixed? Curious if latest greatest .scad files are on github for folks to clone/watch/fork?


fwiw - is where I intend to start backing-up/sharing stuff as I get to learn and play with Maslow 4 more.

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So far no changes. I was going to add one thing to that message soon but am on my way to a UK cruise so I will just put it here.
Here are the spacers that clip onto the stepper screws to prevent you from running the spindle lock into the plexiglas dust cover. 14mm high but you can change with OpenSCAD (free) if required.

SpacerZ.stl (11.2 KB)
SpacerZ.scad (700 Bytes)