Maslow foot print

Trying to figure out if I have enough space in my garage. If I make it so I can use a full sheet of plywood, what is the area it will take up?

The machine itself will take about 2 feet by 10 feet and maybe seven feet high, but you’ll need room to walk in front of it… I find I don’t often need to get behind mine, or around the ends either, but I don’t have anything behind it I need to get at.

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That is a loaded question. It depends on how you build it. There are other threads on this somewhere here. My temp build is ~ 12 ft long x 5ft high x 8 inches deep without the sled. A final build will add to the height and for sure with a sled and the Assembly Guide build I’d plan 3 ft deep with the angle. There are many different alternative builds here on the forum.

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roughly 10’ long, the alternate2 frame design I have is about 7" deep at the
bottom, 12" deep at the top (the sled may add to this thickness, but you can
hang it from the top.

This is ~78" tall (just short enough to be sure of fitting through doors)

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This was designed to fold up and be able to be wheeled sideways into the garagetaking up al little space as possible,the back legs fold into the front ones so you are 2x4 on edge + 2x 2x4 on their side thick up until you are near the very top (and you could thin this out an inch or so by using plywood instead of 2x4 for the leg braces)


Really great design David well done.


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@dlang, It sounds like a great design but I’m worried about the compromises made to be portable. Have you made this version or is it just theoretical? Does this design change have any effect on performance?

I have not built it, but other people have built similar things.

I’m very confident that this is better than the stock maslow frame design, but
that’s not saying that it couldn’t be made better.

I hope to get a chance to build it in the next couple of weeks (I need to o a
bunch of simple slots in large sheets of plywood to prepare for a conference
that happens in march, so I need to do something soon)

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