Materials that have been tested?

It might seem like a daft question, but has anyone tried polypropelene in a Maslow?

It cuts easily using hand tools, and low-speed versions of hand power tools, so i wondered if using a Maslow with a low speed router would work…

Please note: It has to be the low speed versions, as using high-speed versions, both cuts the material, and generates enough heat to seal the cut afterwards. I felt really dumb when i did this… :smiley:

there are many types of polypropylene, all of them cut easily on maslow High density, medium and low density polypropylene.
sounds like you are using the wrong bit. A 6mm single flute upcut bit is best. I have cut it using a hand router at the fastest speed of 23,000. works fine.

I haven’t finished building my Maslow yet, so i haven’t tested cutting polypropelene yet.

I last tried working with polypropelene a few years ago, and i only had access to the sheets that the supplier had in stock, as well as the square tubs that one of my colleagues gave me.

(He was building two-story greenhouses with the material. Some chewy earthquake-proof designs held together with plywood springs. :smiley: )

I did try putting it through a laser-cutter, and this also gave a cut/heat-seal effect. Interesting material to work with.

You can get a reasonable weld with a high-strength hairdryer. :smiley: